About K14 Studios

My name is Kirk Farmer. I’ve been working as an audio engineer for more than 20 years. I started K14 studios as an online audio mastering company in 2007. In it’s original form, we offered straightforward audio mastering and ISRC encoding. But the thing that drew people to the website was it’s FAQ page. Before I was versed in blogging, I created a “Tricks and Tips” page full of the knowledge that I had accrued over the years. It was no masterpiece, but it did get the attention of other engineers as well as those just learning about sound engineering. All of a sudden I was getting emails from studios about how to prepare their tacks for mastering. I was being asked to critique mixes and give guidance. Since then, K14 Studios has changed a lot. We now offer both mobile recording and mixdown services as well as mastering. But the thing we hope still brings clients our way is our advice and knowledgebase know today as the K14 Studios Blog.

It’s been a few years since our original launch in 2007. As we’ve continued learning, we’ve tried to pass that knowledge on to our readers and clients. Today, that task is even easier. With the launch of our updated website, (which now includes a blog and a way to subscribe to our newsletter) we hope that we’ll be able to reach even more people in our musical community. So if you have any questions, or have a project you could use some help on, let us know. That’s what we do.