Modifying Your Music Gear

I’d like to take a break from writing about home recording for a moment and talk about some mods I’ve made to my musical gear. Modifying your gear can not only be fun, but it can seriously change your sound to help you stand out in the crowd. This goes for both musicians and engineers. […]

Dithering, Is It Really Needed?

Dithering. I remember learning about this in college. I remember it being a subject that was easy to understand within the confines of a software processing environment. It was simply a way of taking a large binary word and turning it into a smaller one to save hard drive space without compromising the quality of […]

Bake Day

I’ve been working on a project lately that has become far more intricate and complicated than I ever expected it to be. When it began a couple of months ago I truly felt that we would be farther along. And as the level of complication of these tracks with their stacks of plugins continues to […]

Room Emulator Plugins

Last week we talked about analog gear emulators. But what about room emulators? Can you really get a clean, publication-ready mix through your headphones? Like many of you, I work out of my home and strive to get a mix from my living room that sounds like it came from a commercial studio. And, also […]