What does a limiter do? How do I use it?

Our last blog was about basic compressor education (“The Mystical Compressor Part 1”). I thought that before I write Part 2 where I will give some advice on compressor operation, I should address limiting. The two are very closely related in function and controls. The applications, however, are very different. A limiter is essentially a […]

The Mystical Compressor (Part 1): Basics

Ah, the infamous compressor. Few things are more confusing to a new sound engineer than compression. The basic concept of compression is easy enough to understand. It’s the controls and proper operation that often baffles us. Understanding compression and how to use it is an essential skill for any mixing engineer. Mastering compression can make […]

Do I need an analog summing mixer?

Like so many other aspects of recording, the use of analog summing is completely subjective. It’s all about what sounds good to you or your client when the mix is done. On some tracks I use analog summing; on others I don’t. It depends on what sound I’m trying to achieve. The summing mixer is […]